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Bus Interns

Meet the Bus's 2014 Interns!

Below are some of the best people we can think of, the 2014 Washington Bus Interns! Come catch them at a phone bank at the Bus Office, getting folks to talk to their legislators about awesome bills, or throwing the next great party for a purpose. Want to apply to be a Bus intern? Head on right over here for more.

Leila Reynolds is a sophomore at the University of Washington studying Anthropology. She grew up in Seattle and has known about the Bus forever so is super excited to finally be getting involved. She spent last year in DC where she biked past the White House daily and interned at a Family Services Center in inner DC. Leila is excited to be back in Seattle where her true coffee snobbery can thrive. In her spare time she's busy making art, learning new languages, tutoring small children, and perusing every food  and travel blog on the Internet. Her heroes include Leslie Knope, her real life counterpart Amy Poehler, and generally any bad ass people effecting change in their communities.

Dagmawit Kemal, nicknamed Dee, is currently a Senior at Garfield High School. She was born in Ethiopia and moved to Seattle at the age of 3. On her free time, she enjoys researching the happenings of the world, jamming out with her friends and social networking! Now the Metro Field and Data Manager for the Bus. She is excited for all of the phone calls we will be making for Prop 1. Yes for Seattle Transit!




Elijah Newman is 15 and a sophomore. He goes to a small school in the International District called the Puget Sound Community School. Elijah hails from Beacon Hill where he lives with his parents and younger sister.He has a vast knowledge of music and he enjoys going to concerts, mostly of the shoegaze and rap genres. His favorite bands and artists are Galaxie 500, Kanye West, and Slowdive. He also follows the NBA closer than anyone. Elijah particularly loves the analytical side of the NBA as it presents a completely different lense to view sports from.His love for politics stemmed from a love for statistics and analytics when he was shown Nate Silver's Blog, fivethirtyeight, by a teacher, Nic Warmenhoven, during the 2012 election season. His work with The Washington Bus started in 2012 when he volunteered to phone bank for marriage equality in Washington State. Elijah then volunteered once more in May 2014 to phone bank for GOTV. He has since become an intern at The Washington Bus and is the Communications Coordinator for the GOTV campaign.



Tatum McConnell, is a sophomore at Seattle Academy and will graduate in 2017. She is 15 and has lived in the Seattle area her entire life. She is interested in social justice and politics and is thrilled to be an intern for the bus this fall. As an intern she wants to find ways to engage herself and those around her in politics. She also loves backpacking throughout Washington, singing jazz standards, reading, and hanging out with her friends. In the future she would love to travel across the world and find a way to make a positive difference everywhere she goes.



Isabella Fuentes is thrilled to be interning with the Washington Bus this fall! A serial intern, Isabella got on the Bus in the spring of 2013 and never left. When she’s not at the Bus (never), Isabella is a senior at Ingraham High School in North Seattle, where she runs the Junior State of America chapter and writes for The Cascade, the school newspaper. In her rare but treasured free time, Isabella likes to go to concerts, ski, and hang out in Capitol Hill thrift stores. As the GOTV Field and Data Coordinator, she’s excited to spread the word about voting to the young people of Washington!



Masra Clamoungou was born and raised in Seattle and is a former member of the Summer Fellowship. He loves to play baseball, bake goodies and ride his bike. He has a passion for social justice, to one day live a simple life and a dream of going to space. When he’s not drafting emails or wrapping burritos at Chipotle, you can find him riding his bike or enjoying the wonderful benefits of sleep. Fun fact: Masra has done a backflip on some Mayan ruins in Guatemala.




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