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12 Things To Do In The 12 Days Before Ballots Drop!

Posted by Mason Bennett at Oct 09, 2015 11:23 AM |

You’ve registered to vote! Now you eagerly await your ballot's arrival, sitting next to your mailbox with baited breath and repeatedly asking the internet when your ballot will arrive. (The answer is that ballots will drop on October 20th by the way) What will you do? How will you spend your hours before your ballot arrives and you’re able make your electoral voice heard!

1. Research candidates and ballot measures

It's important to stay engaged and informed about how these upcoming elections will effect our lives. The Washington Bus is throwing a voter guide party on Wednesday, October 21st, where we'll be releasing our official Bus voter guide!

2. Decorate your house for election season.


Maybe look on pinterest for some fun DIY ideas! Or take a cue from some of our most well-decorated government buildings, such as Seattle City Hall! Or even just print out and frame pictures of the dreamiest electeds (Tacoma City Councilman Ryan Mello, obvs)!

3. Bake 144 Apple Pies

There's nothing more American then apple pie, I've heard. Apparently. While you're preparing to help change your America for the better, make a many apple pies as you can!

4. Watch the entirety of the Harry Potter series 15.1 times!

Pay attention to any mention of politics at the Ministry of Magic and compare and contrast that with the American political system!

5. Attend protests, rallies and demonstrations

Get up and get active! Protests are a great way to support a cause you believe in!

6. Drive across the nation to Washington DC and back 4 times!


The National Mall, or something.

Learn more about our country and it's government just by driving there! 4 times!

7. Listen to the highly underrated 2000's hit Potential Break-Up Song by Aly & AJ Michalka 4800 times

Relive your favorite early 2000's musical sister duo! Much like the Bus's Engagement Coordinator, Sonny Nguyen, you probably already plan to do this anyway.

8. Make 8644 hot pockets


You probably won't have time to eat them if you make that many

9. Memorize all of our elected officials!

Challenge your memory and love of democracy by memorizing every single elected official in Washington! (Starting with Tacoma City Councilman Ryan Mello)

10. Read Jennifer Aniston: The Biography of Hollywood's Sweetheart 77 times

This best-selling (citation needed) 3.5-star-Amazon-rated tell-all is totally worth 77 reads. And only about $3!

11. Watch 192 Sounder’s Games

I mean, if you like sports! It'll probably be hard to get the players to go along with it, though.

12. Attend Phonebanks

Phone Calls

12 Things To Do In The 12 Days Before Ballots Drop!

The Washington Bus is throwing several phonebanks throughout October to both Get Out The Vote and support Honest Elections Seattle. There'll be free food, games, and themes like Xtreme 90s, Homecoming, and Pajama Party!

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