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12 Things To Do In The 12 Days Before Ballots Drop!
Our Favorite Made-Up Holiday of the Year!
It's almost that time again! National Voter Registration Day, our favorite kind-of-fake-but-recently-legitimized-by-President-Obama holiday of the year! Need details? We got them.
On Community Leaders and Heroes
We explore some of the inspirational community leaders and heroes of Seattle.
Sa(you)want Rent Control?
We explore the rent control debate in Seattle.
Toby had a super fancy interview with a K5 political reporter. Toby had a great hair day.
Americans with Disabilities Act, 25th Anniversary @ Westlake
On July 22, Seattle celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
Plymouth Housing: A Landing Site for the Homeless
We explore the complexities of homelessness at Plymouth Housing Group.
O'Toole Is O'Cool, Harrell Go To He...The Park
Police Chief, Kathleen O'Toole, spoke at City Council about public safety, and Natalie took a few notes on the SPD's recent developments.
Who Let the Cats Out (Not Kitty Hall)
Youth Homelessness Training @ New Horizons
Natalie visits New Horizons for an interactive training seminar on youth homelessness, and then documents her experience.
Pride Weekend 2015
Our interns attended Seattle Pride for the first time.
To help our DukeEngage Summer interns get to know the city, we sent them to Capitol Hill in search of the best desserts.
Our new DukeEngage interns (Summer '15), Allen and Natalie, introduce themselves as helpless tourists slash service-learners within the Seattle community.
Why's Pre-K Such a Big Deal?
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