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A Little Light Reading
Gabe's Picks - Don't Be Afraid To Walk Into This Bar
Only in Seattle
Candidate Survivor. What a night. I'm just going to let the pictures do the talking:
Lollipops and Co-Pays for All
Recap Of Day Three At Block Party
A Change in the Numbers
Changes in voter demographics and Washington state's population
Candidate Survivor Preview
Candidate Survivor: Tomorrow Tomorrow Tomorrow!
Recap Of Day Two At Block Party
Car tab vote delay may be a new opportunity
Yesterday, the King County Council was set to decide on the proposed $20 Congestion Reduction Car Tab Fee which would help save Metro from a devastating 17% cut in service. After hearing several hours of public testimony, the Council elected to delay a vote on the measure until August 15.
Two charts to put the debt ceiling conversation in perspective
Recap Of Day One At Block Party
Witnessed at Block Party: Youth Civic Engagement
The inspiring state of Seattle sports
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