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A Week in Women's Rights

Posted by at Feb 27, 2012 12:13 PM |

Devin PinkForgive the lapse in posts, I was out with a head cold and busy schooling a bajillion children over the winter break.

And oh man, a lot happens in a week.

Virginia is moving forward with an anti-abortion bill mandating an invasive transvaginal ultrasound before any abortion.  (Of interest: the same legislators who claim that being forced to purchase health insurance is a government overreach find nothing wrong with overreaching into an unwilling woman's vagina.)

After national public outrage, Virginia Governor and Vice-Presidential hopeful Robert McDonnell worked to amend the bill to allow women a choice to opt out of the procedure. (Also of interest: constitutionalists may want to re-read the Fourth Amendment: protecting citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures.)

Meanwhile, here in Washington, on Wednesday a federal judge declared that a pharmacist can deny a woman medication if it offends their religious beliefs. The crux of the issue revolves around Plan B, the morning after pill which must be taken within 72 hours of intercourse to prevent pregnancy.  While the ruling will effect all people, this will especially disenfranchise women in rural areas with few pharmacy choices.  Legal Voice and Planned Parenthood will appeal the ruling to the 9th Circuit District Court.

The rhetoric continued to rise on Wednesday, when during the Republican Presidential Primary's 20th debate, Newt Gingrich claimed President Obama legalized infanticide and Rick Santorum railed against the dangers of contraception while simultaneously complaining about the number of children born out of wedlock.

The conversation has gotten so screwy that even Paleoconservative Pat Buchanan suggested Friday that the Republican Presidential candidates might want to tone down the anti-contraception rhetoric.

While the conservative right may consider this a noble campaign issue, a NY Times poll found a strong majority of Americans approve of the contraception policies instituted by the Affordable Care Act. This isn't a fight they can win it seems.  And it needs to stop.

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