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Jay Inslee Supports Gay Marriage: Potential Wedge Issue in 2012?
The Washington state governor hopeful and current Congressmen Jay Inslee announces his support for gay marriage.
Goldfish and Guinea Pigs = Go To Jail in San Francisco
What does 20% mean to you?
What does 20% mean to you? If you're a UW student, 20% probably makes you think of one thing: your tuition.
Basset Hounds in Flight
Nothing is More Patriotic than Alliteration
Name this Board Member
Hella Bus Official Tunnel Guide
If you follow Seattle politics in the slightest you're probably asleep from the endless cycle of process followed by process turning into process you've heard a lot about the tunnel. Ever since Mike McGinn was elected mayor, the tunnel has been the most talked-about and controversial issue in Seattle politics. The mayor has made blocking the tunnel the highest priority of his administration. That political effort spawned a referendum that will appear on Seattle ballots for the August 16th primary, and you're going to hear a lot about the initiative and the tunnel itself. You will also probably be confused, because a lot of stuff has already happened and you might have missed some of it (or might not have been paying attention at the time for whatever reason.) So, here is Hella Bus's official guide to the Story of the Tunnel.
Gabe's Picks - The Triumphant Return
Sources Cited: "Anarchy" in the NW
Hella Bus Writers Part 1
Personal introductions to some of the brilliant, interesting, and really, really ridiculously good-looking writers who will populate the world of Hella Bus with all the political and cultural news you require this summer.
Social Justice: The Transportation Discussion's Missing Ingredient
When we talk about transportation we nearly always talk about sustainability, but transportation is also a social and economic justice issue.
Hella Bus
Hella Bus is now, for the first time ever, a fully staffed media outlet! We're here to bring you the best in arts, culture, politics, and the beautiful ways they interweave. Celebrate good times. C'mon.
Gentrification Roundtable on KUODUBS
Bus at the Boathouse!
You are cordially invited to join the Washington Bus for a summer cocktail reception at the magnificent Chihuly boathouse! Click here for tickets. To RSVP and for more information please contact mallory [at] washingtonbus [dot] org. More details below:
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