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Your Bus Is Under Attack

Posted by at May 10, 2013 02:25 PM |
Lacking movement in Olympia, King County Metro is once again facing 17% cuts in service. What can you do about it?
Your Bus Is Under Attack

Flying Bus

Devin PinkRemember two years ago when King County Metro was facing 17% service cuts?  People came out in droves mass transit to testify as to the importance of our beloved transit system.  Estimates put between 500 and 1,000 people at the hearings. The rooms were packed, lines extended around the block and testimony that started in the early afternoon extended until 10:30 at night.


King County Metro Protests 2011
Not as crowded as your bus will be if these cuts go through.

I was there in the sweltering room listening to the passionate testimony.  Over and over again I heard that with these cuts:

  • Students couldn't get to school.
  • Workers couldn't get to work.
  • People with disabilities who are unable to drive couldn't get anywhere.
  • Car drivers would find themselves sitting in far worse traffic when previous bus riders found themselves driving instead.


The intense outcry worked in 2011, and the County Council agreed to increase car tab fees by $20.  But this was a stop-gap measure to get us through the next two years.  It was never intended to be permanent.

Well, we're two years in and stuck in the same situation.  Even worse, this time the King County Council isn't able to solve the problems themselves.  They need authorization from the Washington State legislature in Olympia to grant the power to tax themselves to save Metro.

Did you get that?  Olympia gets to decide whether King County is allowed to pay for the buses they want.

Flying Bus

The House Democrats passed a transportation package that would protect King County from these cuts.  But the Republican-oriented Senate Majority Coalition led by Sen. Rodney Tom is currently against the package.

Special session kicks off May 13th.  Legislators will be focusing on the budget.  It is crucial local funding options are addressed during the special session.

If you ride the bus, love buses, or drive on the same roads that feature Metro buses, speak out.   You can attend a hearing at the King County Council next Tuesday afternoon.

Or if you, like many transit-dependent people, work from 4-7 on a weekday afternoon, contact your legislators.

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