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Posted by at Jun 26, 2015 03:55 PM |
To help our DukeEngage Summer interns get to know the city, we sent them to Capitol Hill in search of the best desserts.

We spent our day at The Bus running about Capitol Hill (aka "The Hill," "Trapitol Trill, but never EVER CapHill), interviewing locals about their favorite neighborhood dessert spots.Desserts_Sidewalk

The Hill was adorned in rainbow, in celebration of Pride this past weekend. 'Safe Place' signs were attached to windows and doors, and crosswalks were freshly painted rainbow. Locals were not only excited about the recent Pride festivities, but also about the ways in which each dessert cafe/shop/hub incorporated the theme into its decor and food items.

Seeing as we had already been lucky enough to eat bumbleberry pie at High 5 Pie just two days prior, we decided to go back and talk to Adaam King ("'King' like royalty") one of the the cafe's baristas. Adaam told us that he's worked at High 5 for over three years, and that his favorite pie is the peanut butter and jelly cream pie. He explained that the pies are made exclusively of butter crust, and only from local ingredients (fresh from WA, OR, and ID). When we asked Adaam what makes the coffee so fantastic, he responded "Me." No arguing here! High5 also specializes in the sweet or savory pie fries, or what we affectionately refer to as "the munchkins of the pie world." If you want to be cool like Adaam, you can enjoy the savory fries with a side of sour cream.

Upon arriving in Cal Anderson park, we met Joyce B., a mother, who recommended D'Ambrosio Gelato. In her opinion, D'Ambrosio has some of the best gelato in all of Seattle. Her favorite flavor is salted caramel fig, and her five-year-old daughter is crazy about the avocado flavor. #SophisticatedTaste. Sam Warren, a Seattle native, loves Dilettante's wide selection of cakes, and we later found out that the cafe services a complete chocolate martini bar.

Another local, named Nicole, recommended the chocolate eclair at Cafe Petti Rosso, which we then decided to try for ourselves. Really, REALLY wasn't bad. So basically, if you have your heart set on running into us (anyone?), chances are you can find us chilling here.

We were drawn to Marcus Garthe, a cyrwheeler (please, look it up, it's fascinating and magical). He told us that the best dessert is located in Belltown (not The Hill, but closeish?). La Vita e Belle has some of the best homemade canolis and tiramisu in the city, and as Marcus explained, "great Italian desserts are super hard to find."

While watching Marcus, we were also drawn to a rainbow-haired woman named Colleen Langdon, and her adorable dog, Maggie. Colleen works for the Social Outreach Seattle (SOSea), and as a security guard in The Hill. As a key initiator of both the pride-painted crosswalks and The Hill's Safe Place movement, Colleen lent an interesting perspective on LBGQT hate crimes, and told us that she is excited for the upcoming Seattle Pride Parade. On a lighter note, Colleen raved about Molly Moons (which we actually have not tried yet, despite tons of recommendations). She
also men
tioned Cupcake Royale, which we decided to visit next.

desserts_1Cupcake Royale is a princess's paradise. We spent ten minutes deliberating on which cupcakes to get, and finally decided on "The USA" (previously "The Gay" -thanks SCOTUS!) and a mini chocolate cupcake. Both were incredible. Seriously, better than Magnolia in NYC. They had all kinds of cool flavors, like Blueberry Lavender Honeycomb, Raspberry Pavlova, and Blackberry Brown Butter. Cupcake Royale also has really good ice cream, but sadly, we were already sugar crashing by the time we walked in.

Basically, we fell in love with Cupcake Royale, High 5 and Pie, and Cafe Petti Rosso. Thanks for the food baby, Seattle. We hope everyone had a great Pride weekend!


David says:
Jul 09, 2015 08:14 PM

I need to get me some Cupcake Royale

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