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Who Let the Cats Out (Not Kitty Hall)

Posted by at Jul 10, 2015 02:55 PM |

Today Seattle City Hall told the world that local shelter cats would be chilling for the public to enjoy. "Come," they said. "There will be cats," they said.

But really, we show up to City "Kitty" Hall today, expecting to find an abundance of fluffy ferocity left and right, and instead we find an ultra-exclusive tent housing no more than three kittens at a time. Not to mention the longest line in history (for City Hall, obviously).

The kitten to people ratio was probably 1:70. It's like asking a group of 100 strangers to split two jelly beans amongst themselves. Like, they can't.

We demand more cats in the wake of false advertising. Do you know how many stairs it takes to climb up there? And for what? Heartbreak?! Meow.


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