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A Salute To You

Posted by at Nov 15, 2011 09:46 AM |

A Salute To You

Photo by the brilliant Victoria VanBruinisse (more of her work available at

Now, the Bus is not usually one for nostalgia (a penchant for 80's power ballads not included), but as this year wraps up, let's pause for a second and think of what we've accomplished together.

We took the Bus's biggest wins from years past and doubled down. Pledge to Vote cards? Doubled them. Bus Trips? Doubled. Puns? Tripled, at least.

Somewhere in there we threw a sold-out Candidate Survivor, launched our Media Internship, and fulfilled the Bus's strict shenanigans quota (remember a Shot of Oly?).

As a salute to you, here are three things that made this year HUGE:

Pledge to Vote
Be it Sasquatch, Block Party, or Pride, Bus volunteers were bringing the political party to the people as we doubled 2010's pledge to vote numbers. Then we polished it off with a cold, tall glass of 11,000 voter reminder calls to make sure it all paid off.

Awesome Candidates
From SeaTac, to Bellevue, to Spokane, we got on the Bus to help win elections for progressive powerhouses. When we see elections decided by literally handfuls of votes, we know that Bus volunteers made victory possible.

Epic Turnout
All told, Bus volunteers came out over 2000 times to register and pledge young voters, elect progressive candidates, and put young people firmly in the heart of Washington State politics.

We are so, so lucky to have such a relentlessly positive, and positively relentless statewide movement on our side to make this grand experiment so dastardly effective.

The Bus continues to grow, fine-tune, and will roll full steam into 2012. In a time where many are trying to come to terms with what politics can be, we're thrilled that you've helped us champion a model that is positive, playful, and people powered.

So cue up your favorite 80's power ballad, let your hair (metal) down, and just rock out for 5 minutes. You earned that one.

Thank You.

Alex and the Bus Staff

P.S. Since I know you're still fired up, here are three things for you -
1) Come to FestiBus, our annual holiday throwdown with DJ's, drinks, and delicious eats! It's Dec. 7th at 6pm at the Bus HQ.
2) It's official, the campaign for Marriage Equality is off and running! Sign up here to get involved.
3) Looking for good info/stickers/info-graphics for all the Occupy biz? Look no further than

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