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Seattle Sports 2k14
Seattle's sports history meets Seattle's current sports situation.
Buses. Are. Amazing.
8 Facts You Didn't Know About Voting in Washington State
Voting! You turn 18 and BAM! Everyone you know is doing it. In this case, I think we can all agree that a little peer pressure is a good thing. You vote, but how much do you know about it? Here are a few quick facts to get you started. (Oh, and don't forget to send in your ballot by Nov 4th!)
Columbus Day or Indigenous People’s Day?
Everyone Gets A Job!
US joblessness is lower than it's been since 2008! It's good for everyone!
Four reasons why you should come to #TransitTuesday
Beat the Heat!
Phone Banking is Awesome
Inslee Goes National
Do you TRUST this Act?
Music + Social Justice + Politics = Rad!
Dishes of Democracy at the Bite of Seattle
Capitol Hill Block Party Meets Buslandia
The Honest Truth
Ballots for the August 5th Primary have already been mailed out. Have you sent yours back in yet? I bet your grandparents have, and Vote Bot has the data to prove it!
Vote YES on Prop 1 for Seattle parks!
It’s been suffocating (usually) inside this summer. Let’s vote to preserve our best refuges – parks!
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