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one Bus, one election, two heroes
Some call them champions, some call them ballot measures, we call them… LOS DOS VALIENTES. In a ballot full of villainry, two bold heroes have the answers to our education and environmental woes (cue body slam). One - a world-class acrobat displaying perfect balance – is known for her defense of the sick, and surprise drops of updated textbooks for Washington’s youth. The other – with impeccable hygiene (mold free!) and tree green eyes – employs 30,000 of the state’s finest workers to keep school children warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
bigger, scarier, and better than ever!
Is there a brisk fall breeze in the air? Is the Bus referencing late 70s B movies again? These tell-tale signs can only mean one thing: it's time to sign up for Trick or Vote! It's back, baby! And it's coming for you! Sign up right now!
test test mic check one two one two
Get your phone on! The Bus phonebanks
Bus Bash Listed on the PubliCalendar!
Even PubliCola knows about Bus Bash 2014. Get your tickets now -
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