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Friends with Benefits

Join our monthly donor crew as a Bus Friends with Benefits!

Friends with Benefits are a community of like-minded progressives who provide sustainable, year-round fuel to the Bus. Our Friends with Benefits make a monthly gift to ensure investments in young people are fueled throughout the year. We call it “Friends with Benefits” because you set the terms and give what you want, every month. All we need is your commitment to join us in changing the game for young, emerging leaders across Washington State.

How can your gift change the game?

  • "Just Friends": At $10/month, you can support 2 campus voter registration drives this year! The young people we register on campus are more likely to vote than young folks in the general—maintaining those drives are vital to mobilizing our generation!
  • Crush: At $25/month, you can host 2 Get Out The Vote phone banks, reaching an average of over 2,000 voters to encourage them to turn their ballots in on time!
  • Going Steady: At $45/month, you can provide the fuel for one Bus trip! We can load up our actual bus with volunteers, interns, students, and anyone else ready for a taste of civic participation, to go talk with legislators in Olympia about the issues they care about, or go door to door in any corner of the state and talk to other citizens about the biggest issues of the day!
  • Facebook Official: At $125/month, you can help us reach over 5,000 young voters where they are—at community events and on their doorsteps—to engage them around the Bus Youth Agenda!
  • Sweetheart: At $250/month, you can underwrite our entire internship stipend fund, allowing us to compensate the talented young people who drive our voter engagement work—including voter registration, issue education, and Get Out The Vote efforts—and make our programs accessible to young folks who may not otherwise be able to participate!


Show the Bus some love and join us as a Friend with Benefits today!

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