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The application for Candidate Support for the 2014 General Election is now open!

Candidates can apply HERE.  The deadline to apply is May 26th.

Are you making a run for office? If so, you're going to need some volunteers. We all know that the best way to reach your constituents is to talk to them face-to-face.

Here at the Bus, we love to hit the streets and knock on doors for our favorite Bus candidates. We fill our bus with dozens of young people and head up to your area, knock on thousands of doors in a single afternoon, and then finish off the day with a rocking party.

Candidates running in federal races: We cannot offer support for federal races. Sorry!


Many of our Bus volunteers will continue to volunteer with you throughout your campaign, and give you the boost that you need during election season.

Does this sounds like fun? If your answer is yes, then this Bus is for you. Check out this letter to potential Bus candidates written by seasoned campaign manager, Liz Elwart. And then read below for all the information you need to apply to be a Bus candidate:

Candidates can apply HERE.  The deadline to apply is July 12th.


Our Candidate Selection process is different from many other organizations' endorsement processes: when we choose a candidate to support, we put boots on the ground. That means we put our name on a smaller number of candidates than other organizations, but those that are chosen get our full attention.

Candidates can apply HERE.  The deadline to apply is May 26th.


Q: Will the Bus endorse me in my primary?

A: We are looking towards the general election.

Q: What if I’m not young?

A: The Bus supports the young and the young at heart. If you as an elected official will work for the young people of Washington State, we’re here for you.

Q: Are you non-partisan?

A: Yes! Proudly non-partisan, and proudly forward-thinking.

Q: When you say statewide….

A: We mean statewide. The Bus has worked on races in Spokane, Bellingham, Port Angeles, Tacoma, Yakima, Bellevue and beyond.

Q: I just want your name on my endorsement list!

A: Sorry! Bus support means support! That means we only put our name next to candidates who we will also put boots on the ground for.

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