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This is the information page for students, teachers, and basically anyone who wants the Bus to come give a civic engagement presentation.

Want the Bus to come to your class or community group? The Washington Bus gives civic engagement presentations to high school students from Seattle to Spokane.

Our presentations are framed around the political power of young people and directed by the specific political goals of the students in the room. We work to get students up on their feet and foster dialogue around issues that they care about.

If you'd like the Bus to come speak to your class or community group, drop us a line at (206) 325-1889 or email our Engagement Coordinator, Sonny Nguyen at


Presentation Outline
Total time: 40 minutes, or one class period

I. Sit down-Stand up exercise to determine the key political issues and concerns
of the class. Purpose of this exercise is to:

  • Get students up and talking
  • Demonstrate the importance of voting—voters most directly determine the political direction of the country


II. Voters: A Profile of young voters

  • History of youth voting
  • Voting trends among young people
  • Who votes?
  • Why don’t people vote?


III. Theory of Change

  • An interactive exercise on defining change and what individuals can do to have an impact
  • Political issues affecting young people
  1. Cost of higher education
  2. Economy and livable wage jobs
  3. Health Care


IV. Voting and Voter Registration

  • Voter Registration: How to register, why, and when
  • Voting:  How and when to vote (not who to vote for)


V. The Washington Bus: An Overview

  • Arts and Music
  • State-wide organization
  • Harnessing political power of young people

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